Fertilize with Kackleberries!

Egg shells have wonderful uses in a garden, such as part of a nutrient rich fertilizer.  


Egg shells are rich in calcium, and combined with another common item discarded from your kitchen, can make a nutrient rich fertilizer.  Save your egg shells, put them in a plastic baggie and crush them into a fine powder.  Add leftover coffee grounds from your morning brew and mix the two ingredients together well.  Then, sprinkle the powder at the base of your plants and water as usual.  Then — watch your garden grow!

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Seed Starters

Next time you cook something with eggs in it, don’t throw away the shells.  Egg shells are biodegradable and a convenient way to start seeds.  Clean out the egg shells, fill with potting soil and plant your seeds.  

Give them time to sprout, and when a tender, young seedling grows big enough, you can plant the entire egg shell directly into the garden soil.

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Kackleberry Planters

Eggs (we call them kackleberries) are not just fun at Easter time.  You can find fun, creative ways year round.

With so many kackleberries around, we find lots of alternative ways to use the eggs and shells. Here’s an adorable way to recycle the egg shells into egg succulent planters.  All you need is an egg carton, cracked and clean egg shells, potting soil and small, succulent plants.  These will make adorable centerpieces and other displays in around your home.


Source: KateyDutton.blogspot.com


What’s new?!

Well, let us tell you!  
Farmer Charley and Nana
have decided to call their home
Kackleberry Farm

Farmer Charley’s Corn Maze Adventures has grown to be a lot more than just a cornfield maze, and so a transformation was called for! Since Farmer Charley grew up on a farm that raised chickens, he and Nana put on their thinking caps to come up with a new and fun name that might have something to do with chickens. And what does a chicken come from? Well, an egg! And what’s another FUN word for egg? Cackleberry!

Yes, we know that cackleberry is spelled with a “c”, but Nana decided to spell it with a “k”. (Nana is very creative with her spelling usually, and Farmer Charley lets her spell any which way she wants to because she’s so sweet!)

We can’t wait to show you all
the things that will be new
at Kackleberry Farm this fall …
starting with
chickens and kackleberries!

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