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We hire smiling faces!

Our employees have lots of fun!

There are great perks for being part of the flock at Kackleberry Farm!  We need hard working folks who want to have fun while helping others get lost! If you think that you are a maze staff member candidate, please fill out the online application below.

If you would like to work at Kackleberry Farm, please fill out this application. Once we receive it, it will be reviewed. You will be notified if an in-person interview is scheduled. Please fill in all fields in the form. Use your 'TAB' key to move from one field to the next. Premature pressing of the 'ENTER' or 'RETURN' key may cause errors which can be fixed and the form then sent when complete.
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  • References

  • Please obtain permission from all references before you list someone. ALL references will be contacted. Please list ADULT references ONLY. Please DO NOT list immediate family members. Fill in the person's name, then click the + icon to the right of the phone field. Do that two more times for a total of three references.
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  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.